Gus, aka Feruson Hamilton the Emperor

This is Feruson Hamilton the Emperor. He answered to Gus.

I got Gus for Christmas in 2004. I guess he was supposed to be a she, but she had a cold. So, there he was. It was love at first site.
My first grandson was born in November just before Gus came to our home. So, Gus and Ty grew up together. Gus lived with an Umbrella Cockatoo, Dewey, and his own kitty cat, Ellie. He and Ellie became inseparable. Always taking naps together.

When I bought Ellie a kitty bed she wanted nothing to do with it. Gus put his shoulders into it. The two carved pumpkins together and opened their Christmas stockings. The love surrounding us with my Gus she. In time, Gus was having a harder time getting around. Vet visits more often. He lost quite a few teeth. I was told by my vet it was due to inbreeding.
There came the time that Gus’s arthritis was keeping him down, covered with his blankie. He started having trouble going down the steps to go potty. I put pee pads in the sitting room.

The pain became too much for my boy and he had no true quality of life. When the day came for Gus to take that walk across the Rainbow Bridge, Gus was laying on a carpet, wrapped in his blue blanket, my arms around him. I stayed with him for probably 20 minutes, talking to his soul and telling him thank you for all the times he held me up when I was so low. It’s been three years. I miss him now more than ever.
I live alone, I am disabled due to Fibromyalgia and depression, PTSD. I want an emotional companion and I can only see myself with a Bassett. Maybe someday. I do know Gus is so happy beyond the Rainbow bridge.