Happy Tails

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Levi was a foster fail. Went to pick him up in 2021 in a rural Louisiana shelter for TriState. Could hear him barking a half a mile away. And he’s still like that today HaHa. He looked so much like my Jenny girl who passed at 14 years in 2018. He won my heart and I’ve been owned by him ever since along with my other 3 rescue pack. Not all bassets. I’m so grateful that I was sent on that mission and have him in my life. He’s the bestest good/bad boy. He immediately fit into my pack and is pure love.


Way too much to share about Junior. He’s was the most severe case of fear that I’ve ever encountered. Thankfully Tri-State saved him and knew he always had a chance. I wasn’t so sure at first. I work at a vet clinic and I’ve seen A LOT. He was literally scared of everything, anything and everyone. Slowly my awesome team that I work with got him a step closer everyday to a normal life. It took us months!!!!! What started out after rehab was to be our clinic dog, I just knew he had to own me also. He’s now in my home officially adopted and a pure joy. We would have never thought he would be the best guy ever. I can’t imagine the trauma he endured but he fought hard to come back. I’m so lucky to have him.


Buddy (formerly Speckles) grunts and groans when he’s comfortable; loves sitting on laps and having hans on him at all times. Buddy stares into our eyes like he’s in love with us! Buddy is the perfect addition to our family, and has a beautiful marking on his side. God knows he is full of love!Thank you for our Buddy – he sure did rescue us!
Teresa & Ray Mulero

Little Bit

We love the way Bitsy’s whole backside wiggles when she wags her tail. This girl acts like she’s been with us forever and our Beau is glad to have a buddy after losing our Patch. Even our BooBoo kitty loves her! Butsy enjoys our daily walks on the trails and play dates with our cousins. We hope our donation helps some other family find their forever dog.
Judy Jaycox & Family


Our Desi is so happy, she even wags her tail in her sleep! She loves cuddling in bed with Mom, Dad & brother Rocky and we love everything about her. We love Desi’s smile and helicopter tail. She is the happiest dog, and she know we ARE her family. We love this girl and are happy that Tri-State found the perfect match for us and our 12-year-old basset, Rocky.
Susan & Joe Angello


We weren’t expecting to bring home a basset from BoardWaddle, but God had other plans! Rosie is a social butterfly – she love greeting people and animals! Everyone loves her and we’ll be taking her to Florida to meet our grandson – they’ll be best buddies!
Charles & Susan Howe


Honey goes nuts digging on the couch before she lays down – at least a minute every time! If you stop her, she just does it again and again. It’s annoying, but very funny! She is just SO lovable. Everyone gets so excited when they see her – she is so cute and everyone wants to pet her. We are so happy to have her in our home. She is the best! Thanks for giving us this opportunity.

Melissa, Jack & Samantha Monahan


In march of 2012 I adopted “IZZY.” I had lost Brinks (my mastiff) got diagnosed with osteoarthritis in multiple joints and “NEEDED” a dog . My beloved companion Dennis saw that I was obsessed with a basset hound, something I could handle. It would be a long story if I mentioned the rest of the story. She had issues with kids and was a product of divorce. At the end of the day, she has a forever home and also has our hearts. I am a Christian and proud to say TSBHR helped my heart, and my health. She even prays with me! God bless all from your organization – she’s doing great! (And is VERY spoiled)
~ Judy Logan


We are happy to have a new family member we named Fred. Things we didn’t know about Fred is he chases rabbits, the couch is his and he has made a spot on the bed his own. Could we spoil him any more? Here are a few pictures of Fred an Lloyd spending time together. Fred is a bit spoiled riding in the trailer. Thank you Tri-state and all the volunteers who help with the rescue. Without the work you do we wouldn’t have this happy addition to our family.

~ Donna and Lloyd Honnell


Jack is such a handsome little guy! His nose never stops sniffing and his tail never stops wagging. He loves to snuggle with his Mommy and melt her heart with a head full of wrinkles. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in my eyes he is perfect!