Happy Tails

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Noble came to us from Mississippi when he was only 3 months old. He is full of energy and love. He adores his older sisters(11-year-old Coonhound and 11 yo mix)and is keeping them both young. Noble loves to go anywhere his humans are especially camping. When we adopted we were looking for a Bassett/Bassett mix puppy to travel with us. We have had Bassetts in the past and they both were great travelers (our seniors not so much). Noble may not look like a basset, however, he is our Mississippi Mutt that has the heart of a Bassett. We wouldn’t trade him for the world!

Thibedoux 'TIB'

We adopted Timmy (formerly Thibedoux) from Mississippi over a month ago at 9 yrs old. He is such a gentleman. He adapted to us and our routine practically overnight. As you can see he is so handsome too!! He is just the sweetest and smartest boy ever!! Instantly he bonded with our 13 yr old beagle girl. We are so very grateful to Tri-State for matching us with him.


We adopted Bodhi in 2012, he was 5 years old, he was our cuddle fur ball, enjoying long walks in the city where he had many admirors. He also enjoyed being in the Adirondacks with us, wintering in front of the fireplace. He passed in May of 2021 after owning our hearts.


Thank you so very much to the Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue. And the driver Miss Cathy for delivering our new family member (now Grace) to us so late at “midnight.” She is awesome and made her at home quickly. Thanks again and see you all at the Olympics and Waddle


Chase is a Tristate Basset Hound Pomeranian. He became part of our family in 2016, at the age of 8. He is extremely friendly, and is very well known in Ventnor, NJ, where he enjoys long walks on the boardwalk in his stroller. He is especially fond of our cats. Chase weighs around 7 pounds, and his best cat buddy is a giant 22 pounds. We are so very grateful to the TSBHR for rescuing him!!!


We adopted Duke from TSBHR in April 2019. We have him nearly 2 years now. He was very quiet, thin, needed potty training and a bit timid around our other 2 basset boys – Diesel and Gus. He was also heartworm positive. He no longer uses the living room as his bathroom, he runs and plays hard with his brothers, has gained weight, found his voice and learned how to howl, and after much testing and treatment is heartworm free! He is happy and finally found his furever home. We love this guy so much! He was a great addition to our family. He will be 5 years old and his brothers will be 4 at the end of January (their birthdays are only a few days apart). Thank you TSBHR for matching Duke with our family! Enjoy our photos:

Duke (left) and Diesel (right) sharing Mommy’s chair.
Duke (back) and Diesel (front) in their new wagon – practicing for the next Basset Board Waddle!!
Diesel (top), Duke (center), Gus (bottom) – Road Trip!!!!
Duke with a bark box.


Lulu is loved above and beyond! She is picky to her food, but we found a type she loves, also looks forward to try and get a rabbit everyday. She is a love bug, also really doesn’t have hair on her belly, cuz it is rubbed constantly!


We adopted Jem (formerly Hercules) as a puppy August 2018. What a handsome little puppy shown on his first day with us. Here he is one year later – a big, happy boy! , Thank you for rescuing Jem, his litter-mates and his mom. Jem was lucky Tri-State found him and we were lucky we found Jem!


It’s been 2 months since we were blessed and honored to adopt Bubbles. He is doing great and is so much fun to have around. Medically he is fine. He enjoys his daily walks with his brother Columbo who was also adopted from Tri-State nearly 3 years ago. Having lost 2 senior Bassets a few months ago to old age and getting Bubbles shortly thereafter has really given new life to Columbo as he is more active playing with Bubbles and the two have really bonded well together. Bubbles is a blast and has us laughing at his antics all the time. Like most Bassets he enjoys his numerous toys and is constantly running through the house bringing all his toys from the play room to the back yard. He loves to patrol the back yard keeping us safe from the squirrels and a groundhog living next door and when really excited he runs around the yard really fast getting Columbo aggravated as he can’t keep up with him and then loves to dig in his hole and as most Bassets especially enjoys his naps, meals and makes himself comfortable wherever he wants. He is truly a delight and awesome Basset and most importantly loved so much. I can’t express enough to you how in awe we are of him and grateful to care for him. I sometimes sit and stare at him in disbelief that he is mine. Thank you and see ya soon at the BassetFest. Love from BUBBLES!!!!!!

Dennis and Andrea

Mowgli "WINSTON"

Winston, now Samson, is a total love and even though he is so big, he will climb on top of you to give hugs, kisses and to snuggle. We have another Basset (Delilah) who we adopted through TSBHR in 10/2012. She is 11 yrs old now and isn’t thrilled about having a bouncing, bubbly dog invading her space. But they are getting along just fine now and he knows to leave her alone. Everyone adores him. You can’t help but laugh and smile when interacting with him. He gets along fine with other dogs as well. We are huge Basset Hound lovers and couldn’t imagine life without Samson and Delilah.