On Wednesday, March 20, 2019, we had to say goodbye to my boy Gus. He had been diagnosed with a large aggressive tumor on his spleen just two weeks prior to one of the hardest and saddest days in my life. My in-laws mated their basset male, Clancy, with a family friend’s female, Molly. Gus was one of eight in the litter. The first time we went to see the puppies, Gus crawled right into my wife’s lap and straight into our hearts. He loved going anywhere in the car and was the best co-pilot. He was always by my side, wherever I was. He loved getting belly rubs, his butt scratched, and especially getting his ears scratched inside and out. Gus would make this moaning sound of pleasure when you scratched that perfect spot in his ear. Gus was a puppy at heart for his entire life. He always wanted to play with his ball. Everyone that met Gus, and those that only saw him in pictures, loved him. My wife dressed him up for every holiday and special occasion, and Gus just endured her silly antics. He would sit and pose for pictures like the good boy he was. He was the subject of our Christmas cards for many years, and everybody said they looked forward to those cards every year. Gus was a huge part of our life, and a day won’t go by that we won’t miss him. I’m positive he knows how much we love him, and we will use the knowledge that he isn’t suffering anymore to help us ease the pain of losing him. We will meet again Gus, so have that ball of yours ready. Gus – 11/16/2007 – 3/20/2019.
Jack and Cindy Thomas