Bean was the most beloved Bassett in all the land. His mommy Lindsay got him as a weeks-old pup (her first and only) when she was a teenager starting college. He was a big undertaking for an 18-year-old, but they were inseparable from minute one and through his entire 14 years! He influenced her future career, and after graduation, she even started her own business called Bean’s Animal House. His mom was the best mom a dog could ever have! She wanted to spend as much time as possible with her best friend and took him everywhere! Outdoor restaurants in downtown Philadelphia where they lived, parks, and snuggling on the couch with Bean was her favorite pastime. When he slowed down in his later years, she even wheeled him around in his custom wagon so that he could still enjoy Spring days basking in the sun in the park or meeting new friends at outdoor restaurants. He put smiles on so many faces! His mom nicknamed him “HAPPY” for a reason! Everyone that saw this precious and unique Basset boy with vitiligo had to stop and pet him. He brought so much joy to so many, but none more than his mommy! She fed him all the best food and man, was he a spoiled and loved dude! The last several years were rough for Bean and mommy with his multiple health issues. No dog ever cared for more. Mommy had several vets including an acupuncturist to assist with pain management. She suffered through surgeries (no spleen Bean became his nickname after one) and made sure he was comfortable, and his quality of life was still good. When he finally hit the point of being in too much pain, she made the hardest decision for all parents of fur babies. Bean went out on a high note eating all the way through the end in his favorite park in the sun. He was a happy and hungry pup til the end leaving this world in “his person’s” arms.