As I was walking down the street with my dog and my niece’s dog, my neighbor and tri state volunteer said that I should have two dogs of my own and that’s how I was given the most beautiful and wonderful bassador, Tinker. She was the joy of my life; such a well-mannered and good dog. She would bark once when she had to go out as opposed to my Labrador, Chloe, who had a spot in the house. The only negative thing I could say about her was her pickiness with food. But after subscribing to the Farmer’s Dog, this was no longer a problem – she enjoyed her food. I think of her many times a day and wish she was still here – I miss her terribly. She stole my heart and now I have a hole in it. There will never be another Tinker and I’m afraid to get another from tri state because I’ll be looking for a Tinker. She was my soulmate and life will never be the same.