Mrs. Eleanor Rossevelt

Our beloved basset hound, Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt, The First Lady, passed away on July 1st, 2021, in the arms of her loving family members — just 2 months shy of her 16th birthday. She is survived by her cat sister Puddie, and her cousin Mr. Puddles. Rose was the definition of a gypsy who was wild, free, and adventurous up until the day she crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She loved to go for rides as a shotgun passenger in the car, so much so, that she would put up a fight to get out when we’d arrive at our destination, or go fishing on a boat but attributing nothing but looks and laziness, sun basking while we did the work of casting reels. She loved to be active and was an all-around champion at being a couch potato shortly after any strenuous activity such as climbing up 3 deck steps, or running to the door when someone came to visit. Rose’s favorite meal was whatever the company around her was eating, with a follow-up dessert of a Rita’s Water Ice “Pup cup.” From her days of chewing steak, stealing your lunch, and asserting herself into your popcorn or soup bowl, she showed no remorse for her love handles and chunky rolls! Roosevelt participated in the Board Waddle Parade in 2019 in her White House-themed wagon pulled by her best friend Austin — the thought of WALKING the boards was just too far-fetched (no pun intended) for her. From spending every waking moment of the day with us (literally – leaving her alone was a crime) to not having her has been hard — an entire community was affected by her passing, including her Grandmother who died exactly 1 month after she did; her famous saying “When Rose goes, I go!” This dynamic duo will live on for as long as we can tell stories. We love you, Roosevelt, may you Rest In Peace.