Happy Tails

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I hesitated far too long to adopt a dog. It was Christmas of 2013 and my 8 year old daughter reminded me daily that all she wanted was a dog for Christmas – no other gifts. I grew up with dogs and finally decided that I couldn’t deny her anymore. A dear friend showed me a photo of a dog on the Tri-State Basset webpage. I got the call on Christmas Eve that he would be ours. Shadow is the center of our family, a mellow dog who likes to go for walks but just wants to be loved. He sleeps in bed with my daughter, she doesn’t have nightmares any more and she sleeps through the night. We have already taken him on vacation with us – he loves to run in the sand. We are lucky to have him and he has changed our lives. This was the best thing I could have done for my daughter. Thank you Tri-State Basset Rescue for this great addition to our family. Anyone who is hesitating, please don’t. Remember that you will have more unconditional love than you could ever ask for. I’m grateful for the reminder of this and we are so grateful for our Shadow.


We adopted our sweet girl on Valentine’s day and what a love she is! She was apprehensive for the first day or so but with lots of love and attention she warmed right up and quickly became one of us. She has brought a love like no other to our our family. She is my daughter’s BFF, those are her words! We look forward to many years shared with our new love.


I saw Robin’s picture on the TSBHR website and couldn’t wait to meet her at Septemberfest. We had just sent our foster dog off to her new home and I was hoping that Robin could be our next foster – if she didn’t get adopted at Septemberfest. At the end of the event, we learned that there would be an application coming in for Robin, so we decided to foster her short-term rather than have her go back to the kennel. No application ever came in and it didn’t take long for us to fall in love with this spunky senior hound. She is my cuddler and makes little squeaky sounds to talk to me. I can’t imagine life without her!


Betty came into our lives and all of us could not be happier! She loves every person she meets!


When Gretta came to us she was a big ball of anxiety. We could hardly get her to sit still. Now she’s outgoing and loves to lay around on the couch! She’s a perfect fit. We have had her for over three years now.

Anegl & Woodford

We adopted Angel (now named Fiona) about 4 months ago and she is an absolute delight. We just love her so much!! She loves to go hiking all day and then cuddle up on the couch all night. She protects the house at all times from squirrels and rabbits!! She is the perfect addition to our family. Diane and Chris Donnelly


Tinker is a wonderful and loving bassador I adopted Sept. 2013. I’d like to tell about tinker and the joy she has brought me. She is the light of my life even though I have another wonderful dog but there is just something about Tinker I adore. I have never adopted before, yet always had a dog from a breeder. I would always adopt again from Tri-State because of my “Tinks.” Catherine Sloan


We adopted Henry in December 2013 and rescuing him was honestly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After Luciano our 17 year old beagle passed away we weren’t entirely sure that we wanted another dog since we were so heart broken over his death. However, we began to look into basset hounds and Henry immediately caught our attention. After adopting him, he was pretty shy and quiet.However, the longer we had him, the more he began to open up to us. He is really a friendly and loving dog. If you’re laying down on the couch, he’ll go up to snuggle with you. He even gives you kisses and purrs when you scratch his belly. Also, whenever we have family gatherings, he is the life of the party and lights up the whole room with his spunky personality. I can’t imagine a more loving dog. Thanks Tri-Basset for allowing us to adopt him! 🙂 -Ragone family ,


Millie is a wonderful addition to our home, this 8 year old is a true GEM and clearly well cared for prior to owner surrender. Thanks to Tristate for all the amazing work they do for the hounds! Angela and Phil

Benny B

We adopted Benny B in April 2014. He has been a joy from the very beginning! He took a little while to warm up to our family, but now he has made himself right at home! He gets tons of attention from all of us. He has formed a special bond with his new “mommy” and can not help but get excited whenever he hears her voice. He also loves going for long walks in a big open park near our home. He runs and does what we call the “Benny Bounce.” He has been an absolute joy and we thank everyone at Tri State Bassett Hound Rescue who played a part in bringing Benny into our lives. We will be forever grateful for all of your efforts and for our Benny!