Ginger came to us in December of 2021 at only 10 months old. She was a beloved family pet from Long Island, NY. Ginger suddenly became very ill and developed painful sores all over her body. After many months of testing and treatments it was discovered that Ginger was suffering from an auto immune disease known as Canine Pemphigus Foliaceus. This disease will shorten her life. Gingers young family could not afford the medical care she would require. If managed properly Ginger could live a healthy happy life for many years so the family made the heartbreaking decision to let her come to us. Today Ginger is a happy girl who loves her new brother Archie. Her disease is being managed daily and we hope for her to have many happy years ahead of her.

Dogs like Ginger, who are in our sponsorship program are not available for adoption into a forever home. They remain in the care of the rescue due to severe medical issues or behavioral problems for life. Sponsorship helps to offset the costs it takes for us to care for these special dogs for the rest of their lives. Every dog deserves the chance to live, thrive and to be loved despite whatever obstacles they have.

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