Sally came to us from her Foster Parents thru Adoption from TSBHR several years ago. We knew very little about her past other than she was taken from a shelter by her Foster Dad. From the very beginning it was obvious that she knew how to conserve her energy as on her very 1st walk she laid down whenever we stopped walking for a few minutes.

This was a trait that served her well as she struggled with Congestive Heart Failure over the past 18 months. She was a loving companion, an easy keeper, and very good with our other dogs unless they attempted to share her food.

She never seemed overly concerned about following the other dogs on their walks but in fact, she would head off to some unknown destination, given a free leash. A year ago we took her to our camp in Maine for a week’s vacation as we were concerned about her heart condition. This was a good decision as we got to spend some time with her alone. She slept in our bed and shared her life with us alone for one short week.

We often observed her body movements when she was sleeping, sometimes the tip of her tail would wag, if only we could share those Dreams, what would they reveal? The last several months have been gut-wrenching, we would wake up in the night to see if her chest was rising and falling. The same observations are repeated numerous times each day. Her daily decline was obvious and every manner of caretaking is practiced. While in our hearts we know what is coming, we grasp at that faint hope that a miraculous cure will happen. At age 16 years of age with a heart that beat with waning strength. The unbearable hurt that wracks our bodies and souls as well as hers lead to the inevitable conclusion.

We will most likely try to fill the void by adopting another old basset knowing full well that history will repeat itself as it has far too many times over the past years. Sally is now with a host of our other pets at the Rainbow Bridge. We will be joining Sally in the lands of our Creator when our time on earth has been served. I sincerely hope that Sally will also have past caretakers that will share their love for her. Run Free Sweet Girl – We will miss you dearly.

Kate and Chuck