Chester came to us some three years ago from his Foster Mom and Dad in PA. A series of rides from PA facilitated by TSBHR carried Sally ( our most recently lost Basset ) and Chester to our Farm.

Chester was “An Old Soul “. Many dogs will not make eye contact with anyone- Chester – Would look you right in the eye. He was also good Listener.

Chester left us for the Rainbow Bridge in October 2015.

You could sum up Chester’s Approach to life with one simple Phrase – When the hurt from walking becomes too much to bare, try running. He pushed on with all his might, in spite of a Senior Life filled with long odds. When the going gets tough, call out Chester’s name.

With his passing goes another time of tears. Chester graced our home for only 18 Months. He was everything that Caretakers would dream of.

How deeply we miss him.

Kate and Chuck