Our Dear Lucy passed away on Sept 3,2011. Lucy came to us from the Tri state Basset rescue along with Isaac B.Hound.I adopted both when I saw Lucy needed a home too. They were both excellent pets.Isaac B. Hound passed away in Oct 2007 the same day as I lost my Mom.He passed away 3 hours before she did and I know they are together and she is spoiling him as much as ever and cooking for him. Lucy was my best friend and everyone loved her,she had so many friends and we would go walking twice a day. I went to the basset picnic in Bridgewater,NJ and saw Isaac needed a home and adopted him and when he was brought to me,Lucy was with him and I asked about her and I adopted her also. Lucy and I were as close as can be.I took her everywhere with me.We would stay up late watching TV and more. I am heart broken to have lost her.She was the best.When I walked in the door she would bring me her toys and show me how she played with her ball and stuffed toys and chew bones. Now I know she is a Basset Angel and is in heaven with Isaac B.Hound her partner. We used to call them Mr&Mrs all the time as they acted like if they were married. He would often tease her and hide her toys and she would get mad at him and then make up of course. (Lucy is pictured on the left and Isaac is on the right).

Pisaniello family