Today I lost my beloved Flounder, who I lovingly called Flo. I adopted her over 2 years ago when she was 12 years old. I knew at the time that I might not have long with her, and even said to myself, as I took her home, that this little old gal would break my heart. But I could not resist her as she was the shiest one of the bunch. She seemed so nervous at the Quakertown facility with the other dogs, that I was immediately drawn to her. One of the rescue workers said she had been passed over because she was so shy. I don’t regret for one minute that I chose her, or that she chose ME, for that matter. There was never a question in my mind that she was the dog I belonged to. My tears as I write this are of no comfort to me, and I feel that these upcoming holidays will be so sad with her loss, but every moment with her was precious, and the hole in my life will be felt for a very long time…..

Danielle Povio