On December 5, Jessica followed her life-long companion Alex over the Rainbow Bridge.

For the last eight and a half years Jessica had been a distinctive member of our family. You couldn’t exactly call her our “good” dog (that was Alex), but you could honestly say that she was the best and most loyal furry friend anyone could ever ask for. In her youth, Jessica would regularly be found atop our dining room table, seeking all food remnants left after a meal. For years she menaced our Princeton neighbors with her 5am wake up calls at the back fence, and she buried so many of our socks and underwear in the backyard that a contractor hired to dig out a new patio once said “If I had that much underwear in the yard I’d have none in my dresser.”

She was truly a charming hound!

Jessica spent the last year of her life living in NYC, making lasting impressions on all her neighbors — both man and beast! Jessica slowed down quite a bit in the past year, but she still loved a good belly rub, a long snuggle, and all the food that our two-year-old could toss her from his plate. A true food thief to the end, her final meal was a sandwich she found on the street the morning of her passing. Usually off limits, I let her go for it that day

And so marks the end of the era. Exactly one year to the date from when her life-long partner Alex passed.

If only we could keep our furry friends in our lives forever. There would be far fewer tears.

Rest in peace Jessica, I will miss you and your ridiculousness so very, very much. Aroooo.

The Laskas Family