It is with a heavy heart I am reporting that our beloved Basset Hound, Copper, passed away at 5:12 pm. on December 27, 2012. Born on September 3, 2003, Copper was only 9 and ¼ years old and he passed with all of the family at his side. Through Tri-state Basset Hound Rescue, Copper came into our family back on May 1,2004. Copper was a great dog that fit in with our family very well. We will always remember him for his hours of vigilance over the backyard from his position on top of the picnic table and his uncanny ability to sniff out the smallest morsel of food. Even on his last trip to the backyard, he couldn’t resist smelling the kitchen can when he passed by. We will miss him deeply and wish to thank Tri-State for bringing us together.

Myron, Kath, Dan and Alex Shegda