In May, it would have been three years since we adopted our good boy, Emmit. This past weekend,
On March 30th, 2018, it came time for Emmit to cross the rainbow bridge.

Emmit was a lover of all walkies, snacks, and buh-byes in the car. His favorite days were Fridays when he would get the “pizza shakes” waiting for pizza crust and Sundays when he would go for a walk to a local breakfast place and was always offered a piece of bacon from the owner. Emmit was also a master bedmaker. He would rearrange any and all pillows in order to make a bed that was suitable for his liking. He also had a habit of wrapping himself in blankets. Emmit LOVED sleeping under his daddy’s desk every night. It was one of his favorite places and it was where he felt safest.

We are forever grateful that he was our first dog. When Emmit came to us, he was very aggressive. He
would bite my husband, me, and the vet. After a few months, Emmit let his guard down and became the biggest cuddle bug I have ever met. We miss him every day. Love you Emmit/Emmy/Bugga/Bubba/Old Man.