In May, it would be 8 years of loving our beloved Puck. However, on Feb. 20th, his time came to cross the rainbow bridge. Daddy was there to hold his buddy’s paw on his way over.

Puck was a lover of car rides, treats, begging for people’s food, getting a tubby at the groomer, paw shakes, ear rubs, sunbathing on the deck, taking the warm seat on the couch the second it’s available, trying to be a lap dog, sleeping, pulling his bed down from wherever I put it when I cleaned the floors, lounging with his daddy, being the foreman on any maintenance job in the house, howling and sniffing everything in sight. He hated whenever his Sissy (Torrie) wasn’t with him, not being fed on time, the sound of the phone ringing, the vacuum, rain, and snow.

He was very sweet, had a mighty howl, ears like velvet (the tips floated in his water bowl when he drank) and he sometimes smelled like Fritos. We’re sure he would’ve sounded like Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh if he could talk.

He looked thoroughly disgusted in the first picture TSBHR sent us of him prior to the adoption. Sarcastic me knew right then and there he was meant to be with us!

Good-bye Puck / Puckers / Pucker-poo / Guadenzo / Old Man Guadenzo / Stinky / Handsome / Buddy / Good Boy / Baby / Mr. Whiteface / Mr. Wigglebutt / My crooked-legged SOB. We couldn’t have loved you more. Rest In Peace.