I hesitated far too long to adopt a dog. It was Christmas of 2013 and my 8 year old daughter reminded me daily that all she wanted was a dog for Christmas – no other gifts. I grew up with dogs and finally decided that I couldn’t deny her anymore. A dear friend showed me a photo of a dog on the Tri-State Basset webpage. I got the call on Christmas Eve that he would be ours. Shadow is the center of our family, a mellow dog who likes to go for walks but just wants to be loved. He sleeps in bed with my daughter, she doesn’t have nightmares any more and she sleeps through the night. We have already taken him on vacation with us – he loves to run in the sand. We are lucky to have him and he has changed our lives. This was the best thing I could have done for my daughter. Thank you Tri-State Basset Rescue for this great addition to our family. Anyone who is hesitating, please don’t. Remember that you will have more unconditional love than you could ever ask for. I’m grateful for the reminder of this and we are so grateful for our Shadow.