We adopted Henry in December 2013 and rescuing him was honestly one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. After Luciano our 17 year old beagle passed away we weren’t entirely sure that we wanted another dog since we were so heart broken over his death. However, we began to look into basset hounds and Henry immediately caught our attention. After adopting him, he was pretty shy and quiet.However, the longer we had him, the more he began to open up to us. He is really a friendly and loving dog. If you’re laying down on the couch, he’ll go up to snuggle with you. He even gives you kisses and purrs when you scratch his belly. Also, whenever we have family gatherings, he is the life of the party and lights up the whole room with his spunky personality. I can’t imagine a more loving dog. Thanks Tri-Basset for allowing us to adopt him! 🙂 -Ragone family ,