We adopted Duke from TSBHR in April 2019. We have him nearly 2 years now. He was very quiet, thin, needed potty training and a bit timid around our other 2 basset boys – Diesel and Gus. He was also heartworm positive. He no longer uses the living room as his bathroom, he runs and plays hard with his brothers, has gained weight, found his voice and learned how to howl, and after much testing and treatment is heartworm free! He is happy and finally found his furever home. We love this guy so much! He was a great addition to our family. He will be 5 years old and his brothers will be 4 at the end of January (their birthdays are only a few days apart). Thank you TSBHR for matching Duke with our family! Enjoy our photos:

Duke (left) and Diesel (right) sharing Mommy’s chair.
Duke (back) and Diesel (front) in their new wagon – practicing for the next Basset Board Waddle!!
Diesel (top), Duke (center), Gus (bottom) – Road Trip!!!!
Duke with a bark box.