We adopted Dudley a cold weekend in January of this year. His foster Liz was kind enough to bring him to our home since he only lived about 45 minutes from us. It was definitely love at first sight for my six year old son, husband and myself. Having already had two basset hounds before Dudley we were very familiar with the breed. The first 3 1/2 weeks were exhausting because poor Dudley had anxiety pretty bad and he had just lost his owner who had fallen ill suddenly then was in foster then with us so the poor guy was so scared, but remained so loving and affectionate with us. A month in, things just clicked! Between our vets helping us Tri-State checking in with us things just feel in to place. He is hysterical! already a hit in the neighborhood with everyone, he LOVES kids, people, animals etc. He is great with commands, loves his walks and absolutely LOVES our son to pieces and our son LOVES him to pieces. He reminds us of our other bassets a lot. We look forward to spoiling him the same way we did our Otis and Sadie and want to thank Tri-State for their help in finding Dudley and for keeping in touch with us through the beginning stages of our adoption.