Cruz came from a border town in Texas called Welasco. He was found wondering the streets and was picked up by Animal Control. He was in very bad shape – underweight at 35 pounds, severe eye infections, severe ear infection, he had tumors in his ear, on his head, toes, snout and his rump. He had a bad flea allergy and skin issues. He had really bad teeth and a bladder infection! Thank goodness they reached out to rescues and TS took him in with the help of a wonderful foster in Welasco! Cruz was immediately taken to the vet for his shots and flea prevention. He went for a bath – boy was he filthy! When Cruz was well enough he was flown from to one of our wonderful foster homes where he got lots of love and care from foster mom Kay! Poor Cruz had the tumors removed, the vet had to close the ear after removing the tumor, he had a dental and lost 8 teeth. His foster Mom nursed him back to health – both physically but mentally. She fed him 3 meals a day, cleaned his eyes and his ears and most of all gave him lots of love. Soon Cruz was up to 47 pounds and he actually found his BARK! When he first arrived he couldn’t even bark he would “hoot” almost like an owl. Cruz came up to NJ and his now with his foster mom Sue. He will live out his days in a loving home getting the best care possible. Your sponsorship will help us provide the continuing care he will need and maybe some fried eggplant! (his favorite treat!)

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