Tony and Vinny

Tony and Vinny came into our lives in September, 2012. That summer we became empty nesters. Our oldest son got married and our youngest was entering his last year of college. Both son’s moved out of state. Our sweet rescue basset Bella died that same summer after having her for only four years. By September we began searching for another Basset(s) and Tony and Vinny came into our lives! A representative from Tri State said “take a look at them if you change your mind there are others”! Of course we fell in love as soon as we saw them!! They had a nickname “Jersey Boys” when we adopted them and at our dog park that’s what they were know as! At day care they were known “the Meatballs “! They had funny habits like working in tandem sniffing the ground and howling if they found a vole trail! As if we were going to dig a hole! When they got fed they would push their dishes around, followed by pushing their food around in the bowl before they proceeded to eat! They never went into the garbage! They never begged at the table! They weren’t very good watch dogs! Although one time we had a contractor here to give an estimate and Vinny displayed enough warning we didn’t hired him. Despite having three cats, Tony was best at catching mice, not that we encouraged it!! Since 2014 we have been blessed with four grandchildren who only visit once a year because they live 800 miles away. Tony and Vinny were always wonderful around them! Although they would give the pleading eyes that asked “when are they leaving?” In 2015 Tony experienced a few episodes of seizures and Vinny was diagnosed with Hemolytic Anemia. Vinny had been on azathioprine until this past July when our vet switch him to Prednisone because his liver levels were high. I have to credit our awesome Vet for giving us many extra quality years with the Jersey boys. Tony crossed the rainbow bridge in January 28, 2020. His illness came on very sudden and we had to make the difficult decision of helping him cross the bridge. Tony and Vinny were so bonded that Vinny never got over it. We would have to put loud music on and sneak out of the house when we went out. We even scheduled our work hours so Vinny wouldn’t have to be alone for a very long. On October 28, 2022 Vinny joined his brother with us at his side. We will always have a special place in our hearts and their loss is leaves a void in our lives that is indescribable. Thank you Tri State for giving us a gift that will always be special!!!

Mary Kate Gallagher & Bob Borthwick