Sugar passed on Saturday, January 28th, 2012, after a battle with lymphoma. Sugar, as her name implied, was a sweet dog always with a smile on her face and a wag in her tail. She greeted everyone as a friend. She especially enjoyed the company of small children. She would engage them in social settings and wanted to be in the middle of their party no matter what they were doing. She allowed them to do whatever they wanted with her, pulling her ears, tail etc. She never uttered a disapproving sound or an unaccepting response. Rabbits were her favorite animal to “hound”, though she did capture an occassional mouse and a squirrel on one occasion. She was a consumate camper and loved spending long lazy hours in the tall grass of summer. Of course, the food around the camp fire was another one of her favorites! No couch was out of her domain and she spent many a long day resting her weary bones. Sugar’s career as a “show” dog was highlighted by winning best costume at the BoardWaddle once and runner–up twice. The Tri-State Basset Rescue transport person picked her up from a shelter in Toms River, where she was slated to be euthanized. We got her that Sunday at the McDonald’s parking lot, with the understanding that they really knew nothing about her and we could return her if she did not work out. Well, she got out of the car rolled over on her back and requested what later became known as her signature belly rub request. Six wonderful years later, she has gone to rest. She willed be missed.

The Hanlon family