Lee Lee

Last night we lost our beloved 14 year old Basset Lee Lee passed away after the vet determined the tumor in her mouth would require major surgery, which due to her age and other health concerns she was not likely to survive. Lee Lee came to us after she was seized by the ASPCA and then handed over to Tri-State after being locked in a basement for 9 years of her life. Although she had a rough life, she brought so much joy into ours. Lee Lee was a fire-cracker, full of spunk and life. She never gave up despite all her medical issues. She would always get up to greet you no matter how sick she was, and not to mention to eat! She loveddddddd food and never let you forget it. We’ll miss our Lee Lee but we’re glad to have gotten the opportunity to give her the life she deserved in her final years. She will be missed by the entire family and neighborhood who have come to know her, as well as our three other dogs at home. We thank Tri-State for bringing Lee Lee into our lives and not giving up on the many senior bassets out there. Heaven has a new angel. R.I.P. Lee Lee 9/28/12