Felony & Malicious

Over three years ago, we adopted Felony and Malicious. It was the best thing we ever did! We were all very sad when Felony (top in photo) passed away this past August, but that gave us the opportunity to adopt a wonderful new girl, Daisy.
Wednesday 1/16, Malicious passed away and went to be with Felony again. Although he missed Felony, he was happy to have a younger girlfriend in Daisy. As he was headed to the vet for the last time, Daisy ran up to him and licked his face!
As we told our girls, Felony and Malicious will always be with us,but now it’s time to give another wonderful basset a new home, and Daisy a new friend.

It turns out this happened a lot quicker than expected, as Rowdy has already made his way north from Alabama and moved in with us. Daisy loves him!

Chris, Merle, Christina, Helena,and Daisy Schnee