I adopted Calvin 8.5 years ago when he was a sweet and somewhat sassy 5-year-old. I say somewhat because the sass only grew as he adjusted to his home! As a beagle-basset mix, he had quite the howl and an insatiable appetite for food and ear scratches. His soulful eyes won over everyone, and he was always the comedian in the room (often unintentionally). Calvin was very emotionally expressive and always let you know with his howls and his eye expressions exactly how he was feeling about everything, but there was nothing a treat and some nuzzling couldn’t fix. He also enjoyed being fashionable, either in a bow tie or a sleek fleece jacket. He also loved dressing up as an octopus for Halloween each year. When we lived in Philadelphia, he had a geriatric rescue beagle named Kenzie for a sister, and they loved sniffing all the trees around City Hall and Rittenhouse. After Kenzie crossed the rainbow bridge, Calvin came with me to Chicago, where he welcomed another geriatric rescue beagle Penelope, who became his soul sister, BFF, and howling partner in crime. Oh my goodness, as a howling pair, the two of them really woke up our neighborhood in downtown Chicago! Penelope, unfortunately, succumbed to her kidney and heart disease this past summer, and Calvin passed away yesterday peacefully, only a few months after. I have no doubt Calvin is having a bacon buffet party with squirrel-chasing games up in dog heaven with his sisters.