We adopted Alex along with Jessica from the Tri-State Basset rescue in 2004. Until coming to live with us, he and Jessica lived with a very nice family who took really great care of them but just couldn’t keep them anymore. And John and I were lucky enough to be able to continue that great care for the rest of Alex’s days. Alex turned thirteen in October and had many adventures along the way; the last adventure being our move to New York City. I initially thought this would be a very hard transition for Alex, but it wasn’t at all. I guess you could chalk that up to one of the benefits of dementia. I am certain, in fact, that the move to NYC actually extended Alex’s life because it removed all of those pesky stairs from his environment. But in the end our time together was too short. The last days of Alex’s life were full of (extra) hugs, kisses, snacks, tasty meals, and (very slow and meandering) walks where Alex led the way. Last night John cooked him a steak and rice dinner fit for a king and this morning Alex had steak and eggs with a side of chicken jerky for breakfast. He was a wonderful dog and I will miss him so very, very much.

The Laskas Family