Happy Tails

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Dolly is doing great! She’s been living in Albany for almost two years now and has adapted perfectly to apartment life. She loves hiking around the Capital Region during the weekends and enjoys visiting the dog park during lunch time. She’s become quite the model (@DollyANTM) on Instagram) and frequently can be found getting her picture taken by customers at various patio eateries. Last Halloween, she placed second in a local costume contest as Georgie from IT and continues to be thankful for Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue’s continued work!


Junior is a great hound. He is a senior but you would never it. He loves to do whatever we do. And if he wants to do something he lets you know. We love him. Thanks Tri State!


Bertie has a cute whine/bark combo, she LOVES to chase the rabbits off of our
property(aka “Sheriff Bertie”),and bunny hops when she plays with her toys. She loves to cuddle and is so appreciative of everything. She listens very well, never tries to steal food and has wonderful manners.
Bertie loves to take long walks in the neighborhood and see all her new friends. She celebrated her 6th birthday with us and had a doggie peanut butter cake that she shared with her sister Sadie and doggie friends in the neighborhood.
We are all so happy to have her in our family. She is wonderful company for our older basset, Sadie.
~Diane Ziegler


Jackson is the sweetest, most well behaved dog we’ve ever had. He has adjusted to our home amazingly well. We love his affection, and hos tail is always wagging! Our whole family loves him!
People love Jackson! He is so friendly and gentle and gets excited to gree new people. He is great with other dogs, very curious and friendly@
We are so please with our decision to adopt Jackson, and everyone from Tri-State Basset Hound Rescue had been so helpful. Communication was prompt when we had questions and very helpful, so thank you, and keep up the great work!
~Tim & Monette Schaeffer


We absolutely love Paige! She is the most wonderful dog! We feel so blessed after having lost our beloved basset rescue Patton in February. We also loved our basset pork chop, our very first basset hound. Paige is an absolute joy, funny, happy and very affectionate. We are so very grateful to all of you. I have had the pleasure of corresponding with Amy Allen while she was fostering Paige. Amy is absolutely wonderful as is Lisa Packer. Lisa certainly made the perfect match. Cathy Larsen transported Paige to us and we met her daughter as well.they are the loveliest people! You are a wonderful organization and you should be so proud of what you do. Thank you for everything! Paige did go for her checkup. We have a wonderful veterinarian we have known for over twenty years. He absolutely loved Paige and said she is doing very well. We hope to take her to the howl-a-week event so we can meet all of you! We will also send you a picture for your website. We love to keep in touch and send pictures and messages to amy often. Keep up the wonderful things you do. You are all very special people.

Sincerely, Pam and john


We love how Elwood (formerly Uggs) sleeps with the tip of his tongue sticking out. His favorite sleeping position is on his back with his legs in the air, he’s not a beggar and he is totally mellow and loves toys with squeakers in them. He is a real Momma’s boy but he took some time to warm up to his new Dad. We think he just wasn’t exposed to men, because he isn’t afraid of them, but he doesn’t warm up to them as fast as he does women. Now his best buds with his Dad. Everyone just loves Elwood. They are all surprised at calm he is. All the little kids love to pet him and he is more than happy to oblige. He makes friends with other dogs so long as they aren’t over exuberant with the sniffing. We like to go for walks. Elwood had just learned to walk on a leash a few weeks before he came to live with us. He has taken to going for walks, especially if he gets to chase some bunnies or squirrels. We just got back from vacation. We spent a week camping in Cape May. He was a little unsure about camping but he got the hang of it. He probably also went for his first ever walk on the beach, he did not like the water, but eventually he did get his feet wet. We are just so happy he is our boy. We can not believe how lucky we are to have him in our life. Thank you to TSBHR and Paula Joyner from East Mississippi Animal Rescue for saving this wonderful boy so he could be a part of our family.


We adopted Louie about 2 years ago, and we immediately fell in love with his “basset-tude.” We knew he wanted a brother because he would stalk any hounds he found to try to get them to play. And when we added Ben to our family this summer, it was a perfect fit! Ben is a senior boy, but he acts far from it. He is constantly running and jumping around! He is also such a sweet boy who loves belly rubs and treats. He’s just what our family needed.The pictures are from Louie’s annual birthday celebration. We welcomed Ben to our home with his own “Welcome Home Ben” cake from a local dog bakery.


Nugget has been with us about 7 months now. It took her a little time to adjust to family life in the north, but she has settled in nicely. She loves walks in the neighborhood, car rides and her older hound sister Brooklyn, also a Tri-State girl! Nugget is hoping to participate in her first board waddle next spring.


Dolly is a real doll. Everyone that has met her just adores her! We love to snuggle with her.

Dolly is very quiet—the few times she has barked, it’s been dainty, lady-like barks. She likes walks, trying to chase bunnies, her nylon bone, giving kisses, getting belly rubs and snuggling on the couch. She very athletic. Dolly will sit and give her paw for a treat. She has such a funny personality!


Gomer loves to play with our other basset, Jake – they will howl together like they are singing, he loves to chase his own tail and loves our cats he sleeps with them. We walk and play catch with him, we also like to watch him chase Jake around the house with a hedge hog squeaky toy, it is so funny. Gomer is is a very good boy he is very lovable.