Harley & Colby

Favorite things about your Basset (i.e., goofy grin, silly bark/howl, counter-surfer):
Happy Disposition, loving nature, mournful howl, intelligence

Challenges you faced and overcame:
They did not seem to be housebroken (on their web page it indicated that they were) and did not understand basic commands, know their names or have the ability to walk on leashes together. The first few weeks were difficult. I hired a trainer, installed back yard fence, as well as hired someone to help me with daily care. Given Harley’s size (90 lbs) and issues with joints, it was difficult for me to lift a 90 lb dog to assist her with the steps. She has since lost some weight and seems to be able to handle steps better.

How do other people and animals react to your Basset?
They are the neighborhood stars. All of the neighbors know them and find them amusing and loving. Harley and Colby love to lie in the front yard in the evening while I sit with them, so they can greet and interact with people who are walking down the sidewalk. They are very social guys and love other dogs in the neighborhood.

What do you like to do with your Basset?
Short walks in the evening, sitting in the yard so they can get their social interaction they love, belly rubs, cuddles and kisses nightly before bedtime. Love to spoil them with affection and attention. They have settled in and are very happy.