Fred & Daisy

We adopted Daisy and Fred this past summer 2014. They have been FANTASTIC dogs. Daisy who was 11 at the time is a bit arthritic but doing well. Fred who is aprox 7-8 is spunky and we couldn’t be happier we decided to fail at fostering him. He is great. This past November we took a vacation and boarded our new family members at a local rescue that does boarding for extra money. Not long after they contacted us to see if we would be interested in a stray basset they picked up that was unclaimed. after a potential third fell through when the family decided to keep Henri, a seniorr we were going to take in, we took Miss Lulu in and now are a family of 3 bassets. I could not ask for better dogs. They get along like they have always been together. They love the attention the children give them. They each have great personalities. We just love them.