Bella II

Favorite things about your Basset (i.e., goofy grin, silly bark/howl, counter-surfer):
Bella is the most lovable pup on the planet. She is the first to greet you at the door with a wagging tail. She treats her toys as if they are her own pups, very gentle and kind. Bella loves to snuggle and have her belly rubbed. When you start to scratch her, she sometimes falls right to the ground! Bella has big feet, which seem to get into her way sometimes. She is quite clumsy! We feel so lucky to have adopted her and she is the perfect piece to our family.

Challenges you faced and overcame:
One of the great things about Bella that has also been a challenge is her fierce protectiveness. Although she is incredibly loving to those living in our home, she has a hard time warming up to new people. Bella frequently growls and barks at new guests in our home, especially men. Despite the fact that she does calm down, she has a tendency to growl very close to new guests when they stand up or make sudden movements. To work on that, we have been bringing Bella outside to meet our guests. It eases the transition and makes her a little less territorial. We are also use positive praise when she is being nice to ensure she knows how much we like it when she is welcoming! With continued practice and a new enrollment to dog school, we anticipate a wonderful host!

How do other people and animals react to your Basset?
Everyone who meets Bella immediately thinks she is adorable! Once she warms up to them, they fall in love with her. Bella has not had too many interactions with other animals thus far. We want to allow her to get comfortable in her new environment first!

What do you like to do with your Basset?
Bella loves to go on walks. We go frequently throughout the neighborhood. She also LOVES the car. Whether it’s an hour ride or five minutes, she is trying to leave the house with us to get into the car