It is with an extremely sad heart that I share with you that Shelby crossed the Rainbow Bridge. She had not been feeling well the last several days and I was waiting for the Vet to open this morning so I could take her in to see Dr. John. Shelby licked John when he said good-bye to her and left for work. A few minutes later I went to check on her, and she was gone. She was in her favorite spot under our kitchen table.

We took in Shelby as a foster dog on my birthday last year (July 7). We finalized her adoption in December. This is the hard part about adopting senior dogs. We don’t get to love on them for very long, but for the final year of her life, Shelby knew she was loved and that she finally had a home where she belonged.

My heart is so broken right now. The Lang family side of the Rainbow Bridge is getting too crowded. Thank you to everyone at TBSR who played a part in bringing Shelby into our lives. She was truly special and will be so very missed.