Samantha (Sammy)

This past week we said goodbye to our beloved basset hound, Sammy, who brought an immeasurable amount of love and happiness to our family for almost 13 years. From the day she arrived to the day she left, her priorities remained the same; eating everything she could get her paws on and sleeping the days away beneath the sun. Although not rescued from Tristate, Sammy was a consistent attendee at the Basset Hound Olympics in Wantagh, NY. Just 3 short months ago, she was awarded 3rd place in the Obstacle Course relay at 12 1/2 years of age, and even managed to snag the picture spot in the Newsday article covering the event! The joy she brought to our home, family, neighbors, and friends is irreplaceable, but something we will remember always. She was a constant companion to each of us, playing a specific role in everyone’s life; from breakfast partner to late-night TV buddy and everything in between. It is with heavy hearts that we report the loss of our favorite family member; all the while knowing she is with us always. We could not have asked for a better dog or a better 13-year journey with our SammyGirl! Now at rest and forever comfortable. We will love and miss you always, Monf!

3/9/00 – 1/28/13

With love,
The LaRousse Family