This week, our best friend, companion, and loving basset hound, Rocky passed away at the grand old age of 12 ½. When we went to the TSBHR Septemberfest 8 years ago, we are so fortunate that Rocky chose us. His was a wonderful life, full of lots of love, walks, tummy rubs, and treats. Our lives were made infinitely better by his presence, his love, and his loyalty.

Rocky’s mild temperament and laid-back lifestyle made him the perfect first dog for our family. It didn’t take long for him to hold a special place in our hearts and home. He ruled our house – going wherever he wanted when he wanted. Many times, we got to see him with the zoomies, running around the house, always with a cheeky grin on his face.

Rocky was a handsome boy, and he knew it, he loved walking around our small town being admired by passersby who would stop to pet him. On special occasions, he would be sporting a bow tie and be the best-dressed family member.

Rocky, we miss you every day, our early morning walks and late-night visits to the backyard before settling to sleep. Safe travels to that Rainbow Bridge, until we meet again, we love you.
Tim, Pauline, Katharine & Sophie Edbrooke