On October 19, 2011 I lost my best friend Kuffs. He died from cancer and felt no pain when he left this world. I had him for nine years and he truly was everything to me. I work for the NYCPD and got him right after the Trade Center. He was named after the movie with Christian Slater. The name seemed perfect for a cop’s dog. It was a time in my life where a void needed to be filled and he did that with fine style. Kuffs slept in bed with me every night of his life. In nine years I can not remember him ever growling at anything. He was treated as though he was my child. Kuffs brought such love into my life by just being there when I needed him. Always full of energy all he wanted was to be with me, he truly was daddy’s boy. We were with each other till the end and all that knew him loved him. His passing left a neighborhood in such depression. Those who knew him loved him immediately. I like to think he lived a charmed life, he was never really discipled because he didn’t need to be. He was stubborn just like his owner. Not a mean bone in his body towards any one or any animal. He found something new in everyday he lived. Kuffs lived a wonderful life, never sick and got anything he wanted. Till the very end all he wanted was to come home and be with me. I can never repay him for the joy that he gave me in my life. I have been through some hard times in my career in the NYPD, but this has been the hardest time in my life without him. Its hard to believe that there is something after all this, especially with what I have seen, but if there is I hope to meet him there. Kuffs where ever you are daddy loves you and misses you very much.

Peter Mc Carthy