It is with sadness in my heart that on June 10, 2017, my beloved Bridgett passed over the Rainbow Bridge. Thank you to Lisa Packer for guiding me towards her and on 3/17/13 who knew that I would take a 3-hour ride one way to pick up a Senior girl. Thank you to Sue Crane for being her foster mom. I believe she was one of the “Hattiesburg Seven” and would now be the one and only Sussex NJ girl. For the next 3 years, she filled the empty nest with so much love and laughs and made the best snuggle buddy for the grandchildren. In the last year, she battled many health issues and never ever lost her loving personality with anyone, she must have really had that heart of Gold. As I continue on back to the Empty nest I would like to thank everyone at Tri-State Basset for all you do for these dogs.