Boston Brooks

Of course, everyone loves their dog, but some of us have been fortunate to have found that heart dog or soul dog, the best dog in the world dog, that one you can’t live without, the one that means everything to you, that one who is just so special that it hurts. Boston bounced around foster homes when he was surrendered to Tri-State in 2013. He just never quite found a good fit and when I first took him home Ric and I thought to ourselves when is Lisa getting this dog adopted- he’s a huge pain in the ass! Less than a week later we were head over heels in love and he was my first TSBHR foster failure. Of course, he was a biter with select people…. he once bit a bus driver from Florida who had stopped to admire his beauty, and then there was that time when he chased Alex’s girlfriend into the corner of the house….he knew who he liked and who he didn’t. He was high maintenance, had major medical issues, stopped breathing and turned blue when you cut his nails, was extremely demanding, indecisive, and needed to have choices with his sleeping spots and beds, he was a drama queen! He cleaned every dog and cat’s eyeballs and butts and then always wanted to kiss us afterward. He was my alarm clock every day for the last 4 years, if Boston wasn’t sleeping then no one was sleeping. I like dogs with big personalities and Boston’s was the biggest. Someone else’s trash was my most prized possession. This one took a piece of us with him when he died and has left a huge void in his absence…..Till we meet again my very best dog Boston Brooks.