Arfur came to us from TSBHR in October 2005. He was a challenge as he came with many issues. With a lot of love and socialization, he became, in time, a wonderful host to his own picnic every year for bassets and people. He traveled easily and love to go in the car. From grumpy and fearful, he became a smooshy and lovable boy, with a unique personality. He adored his humans, but especially his mama. He wrote songs and put them in a book to benefit Tri State. He gave us years of joy and laughter, our big lovable clown. He has left a big hole in our hearts here at Camp Arfur. We are so grateful he came into our lives and changed us forever. On April 14, 2018, he left us. He will be forever missed.

Arfur T. Leadbottom, loved by Beth and Bill Howering and hundreds of others.​