Lucy Lu

Lucy Lu came to us from a small southern basset rescue in Tennessee. Lucy was diagnosed with bladder cancer while in the south but upon her arriving into our care we did some further testing and found that she did not have bladder cancer! She did have a very big kidney stone that we had removed! Today this sweet girl suffers from severe arthritis and Cushing’s disease. Her Cushing’s is controlled with daily medication, she is on special food to make sure she does not get any more kidney stones and Lucy takes daily supplements and pain meds to help her walk. Despite her old age ailments she is a happy girl who loves to eat and spend time outdoors.

Dogs like Lucy Lu, who are in our sponsorship program are not available for adoption into a forever home. They remain in the care of the rescue due to severe medical issues or behavioral problems for life. Sponsorship helps to offset the costs it takes for us to care for these special dogs for the rest of their lives. Every dog deserves the chance to live, thrive and to be loved despite whatever obstacles they have.